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Inspired By: Lake House Style

Inspired By: Lake House Style Style" data-jpibfi-src="" />Lauren Liess

Lake houses feel like summer to me! Most of my life I lived near or even in a houseon a lake growing up. My previous house was actually also on a lake (well, right next to it, not ON it). Maybe that's why I felt inspired to dream up a perfect lake house while I Best Home Improvement was surfing Pinterest yesterday.

I'd love for my house here to incorporate some of those "lake house" influences I love, too (even though our current house is actually looking over the sound, not a lake, but whatever, ha! Maybe I should just call this look I love "water house style"). I have so many Home Improvement College Station more plans for our house and I love lookin g for ideas.

Anyway, since it's now the official start of summer, I had fun rounding up some beautiful rooms to inspire us with a "lake house" mindset, wherever we live! You can also shop from summer house style ideas in the scroll bar at the bottom of the post.

Enjoy and happy Friday, friends!

What are you up to this weekend?

Inspired By: Lake House Style

Style at Home

Inspired By: Lake House StyleMuskoka Living Interiors

Inspired By: Lake House Style

Inspired By: Lake House Style

Style at Home

Inspired By: Lake House Style

Atlanta Homes

Inspired By: Lake House Style

Whimsical Bathroom - Traditional Home

Inspired By: Lake House Style

Traditional Home

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Landscape design plans | Landscape Garden design

The landscape design market is booming. But what is booming along with it is the market of the online software that actually helps you design a landscape for your own house. I think it is a brilliant innovation. The advantages of the same are manifold. Not only do you save on the money that you would be giving to a professional landscaper, you will also actually be putting yourself into the design. Each and every corner in your house can n ow be a reflection of you and your family.

People in the United States spend a huge amount of money in landscape architecture as property is considered as the most important investment there. After all, it is an investment that will bring years of enjoyment, peace and harmony at your property. However, it is very important to understand all aspects of landscaping so that the money is not wasted and also that your landscape architects do not cheat you. Also, it is very vital to understand that the landscape should reflect your personality and not vice-versa. So do not overdo anything.

While choosing a landscape design for your house, considering the geographical and climatic conditions of your area is of utmost importance. For example, planning lush green lawns bordered with exotic flowers in an area where drought is a high possibility would be rather foolish. In contrast, a rock garden in a rocky terrain would be a fantastic idea. Also, in an area where water is availa ble in plenty around the year, a water feature like a pond that reflects the sky and the surrounding surfaces can add depth and dimension to your landscape.

Along with the softwares, there are also a huge number of online websites that provide help. Some sites are owned by professional landscapers who fill their website with beautiful pictures of what they could your backyards into. However, some are in it for the pure pleasure of landscaping and fill their sites with very useful home landscape design ideas and tips.

Some of the easy to use and inexpensive landscape design software available for home landscape design over the Internet are:

Plan 3D: is an online landscape design service that helps you create home landscape with features available for walks, drives, patios, t rees and planting. It lets you view your design from any angle.

Instant Architect Home (Broderbund Software): provides the ability to design your own home or landscape and is very intuitive in nature. Hence, no previous experience is required.

Fences and Gates: software helps design fences and gates in an artistic manner. It also provides a list of all the materials that will be required to build the fence after the design has been finalized.

3D Home Architect Home & Landscape: provide easy to use home and landscape design solutions, which also contains a complete set of landscape design tools. It uses the latest design techniques and technologies to make designing a very enjoyable experience.

35 Do It Yourself Backyard Project Plans: allows building 35 different projects for your backyard. It allows a combination of 10 sheds, 3 playhouses, 3 gazebos, 3 a rbors, 2 picnic tables, a deck, a doghouse, a sandbox, fence and a loveseat. This is very inexpensive software and permits printing of plans.

Realtime Landscaping PRO (Idea Spectrum): helps you visualize even the most demanding landscape design projects. Using the latest advances in 3D technology, even beginners will find it easy to plan and visualize design ideas.

Realtime Landscaping PLUS (Idea Spectrum): helps create highly realistic 3D and photo based landscape designs. This software is ideal for homeowners as well as professional designers. The plus point is that no CAD or prior architectural experience is required.

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KB Home Introduces Denali in Mountains Edge

LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--KB Home (NYSE: KBH), one of the nation's largest and most recognized

homebuilders, today announced the grand opening of Gardens

and Vistas

at Denali located within Mountain's Edge, a master-planned community

with extensive amenities in southwest Las Vegas.

Conveniently situated near Interstate 15 and Cactus Road, KB Home's

Denali neighborhoods are just a short drive to the Las Vegas Strip,

close to major employment centers, shopping and entertainment. Local

landmarks like The Arroyo Market Square--an expansive outdoor shopping

mall featuring a host of stores, restaurants and other properties--and

Red Rock Canyon, are also nearby.

Residents at KB Home's Gardens and Vistas at Denali will be able to

enjoy a community pool, gym, and playground, with the added peace of

mind of a private, gated neighborhood.

The eight two-story KB homes available at Garde ns and Vistas at Denali

range in size from 1,558 to 2,807 square feet, and can be built with as

many as five bedrooms, four baths, and three-car garages. Distinguished

by open layouts, large great rooms and spacious loft areas, the flexible

floor plans include many desirable design features and can be tailored

to suit each homebuyer's individual preferences. Pricing begins in the


KB homes at Denali are also designed to be highly energy- and

water-efficient, equipped with a variety of features such as smart USB

outlets, surface mounted LED lights and WaterSense labeled fixtures

that can help conserve usage and lower utility bills for KB homeowners

compared to typical new or resal e homes.

KB Home's Gardens and Vistas at Denali are now open in southwest Las

Vegas. For more information, visit

or call 888-KB-HOMES.

About KB Home

KB Home is one of the largest and most recognized homebuilders in the

United States and an industry leader in sustainability, building

innovative and highly energy- and water-efficient new homes. Founded in

1957 and the first NYSE-listed homebuilder (ticker symbol: KBH), the

company has built nearly 600,000 homes for families from coast to coast.

Distinguished by its personalized homebuilding approach, KB Home lets

each buyer choose their lot location, floor plan, dcor choices, design

features and other special touches that matter most to them. To learn

more about KB Home, call 888-KB-HOMES, visit

or connect on


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All about Hydrotherapy and its various Types or Treatments

boy under water

Credit: Maliz Ong


Water has always been promoted as a highly beneficial substance. Throughout the years, it was usednot only for human survival, but for its healing properties as well. Hydrotherapy is actually a field of alternative medicine wherein water is typically used to ease discomfort, an anti-stress activity and many more. Having said that, in this article you will read about the fundamentals of this specific field along with the different types of hydrotherapy.

A brief description of hydrotherapy

As mentioned above, hydrotherapy is the use of water to alleviate discomforts. But, this field of alternative medicine is not only focused on easing one's pain. It is also used in relieving stress, treating certain ailments and enhancing one's overall health and well-being. However, depending on the type of hydrotherapy used, not a ll methods will bring forth all these benefits. Some methods are focused on promoting comfort while others are designed to treat or cure certain diseases. All these methodswill be thoroughly discussed in the latter part of this article.

Going back to the basics of hydrotherapy, one may ask if this alternative medicine practice is effective? Most methods used in hydrotherapy revolves around the concept of "hot" and "cold" therapy. To explain this concept further, when anything cold comes in contact with your body, it causes a stimulating reaction. Aside from that, your blood vessels constrict leading to decelerated blood flow. Heat on the other hand, is relaxing. It tends to dilate blood vessels and at the same time increase your blood flow. In addition to that, heat also causes sweating. Hence, you can also release or eliminate body toxins through heat applications. If you alternate hot and cold, it can stimulate blood circulation, eliminate toxins and reduce inflammation. Co nsidering this concept, we can say that hydrotherapy has some valid claims especially when it comes to easing or relieving pain, swelling and stress.

Types of hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy is mostly applied externally. But, there are also some types or treatments that are for internal use. Each of them can offer various health benefits depending on the treatment used. To give you some examples, here is a list of the most common methods or treatments under this specific field of alternative medicine.


Credit: Petr Kratochvil


Sitz baths

One of today's most popular hydrotherapy treatment for hemorrhoids, back pain (lower), itching and muscle spasms within the anal area is sitz bath. This can also be used in increasing blood flow within the said area. Typically, this method is usually prescribedin patients that have undergone a surgic al procedure for cleansing purposes, to ease the pain and to promote faster healing.

Basically, during this treatment, your hips are immersed in hot or cold water. Medications or other substances like baking soda, Epsom salt and vinegar can also be added depending on your underlying medical condition. You can also do this at home if you have a plastic sitz bath.

Steam bath and sauna

Most of you may be familiar with saunas and steam baths. Yes, there is a distinction between the two. But, both uses heat, which results in sweating. According to various studies, these two are also good for relaxation, managing pain and loosening or clearing mucus in your respiratory system. However, keep in mind that steam can trigger asthma. For that reason, asthmatic patients should only opt for saunas. In addition to that; individuals who are pregnant, taking mood-altering medications and those who have cardiovascular diseases should also avoid these places. If you are perfectly healthy, you should still limit your stay in these areas for 15 to 20 minutes. And, of course, don't forget to drink water or fluids afterwards to avoid dehydration.

Aquatic physical therapy or Watsu

Another interesting treatment is Watsu. Basically, this treatment is a mixture of shiatsu (massage) or muscle stretching and hydrotherapy since it is normally done in a specialized pool that has warm water. Its primary benefit is to relive stress and muscle tension. But, it can also be applied for pain management and to develop your muscles' flexibility. Nonetheless, this treatment requires a competent therapist since there are Sprinkler System Installation several body movements and muscle stretching involved. This specific hydrotherapy treatment is usually offered in spas.

Irrigations and enema

The main purpose of irrigations and enema is for internal body cleansing or detoxificati on. In this process, you will flush water in your body to flush-out harmful debris or substances. One common example is nasal irrigation where in water containing a small amount of salt is slowly poured or flushed in your nasal cavity to remove excess mucus and dirt. Colonic irrigation is another example. However, there are some controversies revolving around this method. Some say it's effective for detoxifying your body while others says otherwise. Nonetheless, it is best to thoroughly research this specific topic before opting for one.

As for enema, its procedures are mostlysimilar to colonic irrigation. However, it only focuses on the lower part of one's colon. Furthermore, enemais only infused once and can be done by non-professionals. If you are seeking more information about enema, this article entitled "Understanding the Mechanism behind Coffee Enema" may give you some helpful information.


There are many more hydrotherapy treatments that are not me ntioned above such as mineral Sprinkler Installation Denton bath, hot or cold compress, wraps, motion-based hydrotherapy and other spa offered treatments. Most of these methods or practices promote a relaxing state. But, others are also designed to relieve pain, flu symptoms and other minor discomforts.


Credit: wikimedia commons - public domain

Is hydrotherapy safe?

Most types of hydrotherapy that are externally applied are considered safe. Some may need professional help and tools while others caneasily be done at home. However, as I mentioned above, you should do a thorough research before trying any internally administered hydrotherapy like colonic irrigations and enema. As for sitz baths, nasal irrigation, hot or cold compresses and arm or foot baths; you can simply do these at home without severe risks involved. But, make sure to know every step by step procedures before doing it to avoid minor injuries.

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John Deere Landscapes Unveils New Name as SiteOne Landscape Supply

ALPHARETTA, Ga.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--John Deere Landscapes today unveiled its new name and logo as SiteOne

Landscape Supply, effective October 19. The new brand represents the

next step for SiteOne as an independent company after its acquisition by

Clayton, Dubilier & Rice in December 2013. With over 460 locations in

the U.S. and Canada, SiteOne is the largest wholesale distributor of

landscape supplies for green industry professionals in North America,

including irrigation supplies, fertilizer and control products,

landscape accessories, nursery goods, hardscapes, and outdoor lighting,

along with a broad array of services designed to help green industry

professionals operate and grow their businesses. SiteOne will formally

introduce customers to the new brand at the GIE+EXPO in Louisville,


"As a market leader, our vision is to make our customers the most

successful landscaping professionals in the green industry--and that's

what our new brand represents," said Doug Black, SiteOne's chief

executive officer. "We have over 2,500 passionate Sprinkler Installation and knowledgeable

associates across North America, all focused on the success of our

customers. The new brand reflects our unique position as the only

national full-line provider of landscaping products which, along with

the deep knowledge and state-of-the-art solutions that we offer, will

form our foundation for future growth."

SiteOne's tagline, "Stronger Together" defines its partnerships with

customers, associates, suppliers and communities, and its commitment to

excellence in Sprinkler Installation product offerings and service delivery. "By working

together with our suppliers and customers we can achieve great things

for all stakeholders," said Black.

The rebranding effort began shortly after the purchase of John Deere

Landscapes by Clayton, Dubilier & Rice. SiteOne performed an extensive

18-month branding process, which included gathering input from

associates, suppliers, customers and key stakeholders. The brand roll

out will be completed by December. "We have an exciting new look, with

the same exceptional associates who will continue to de liver the high

quality products and services our customers know and trust," Black said.

About SiteOne Landscape Supply LLC

SiteOne Landscape Supply

(formerly John Deere Landscapes) is North America's leading wholesale

distributor of landscape supplies for green industry professionals

including irrigation supplies, fertilizer and control products,

landscape accessories, nursery goods, hardscapes, and outdoor lighting,

along with a broad array of services designed to help green industry

professionals operate and grow their businesses. With over 460 locations

in the U.S. and Canada, the broadest product and service offerings, and

over 2,500 knowledgeable associates, SiteOne is committed to making its

customers the most successful landscape professionals in the green


Toro's Award-Winning Drip Irrigation Recycling Service Expands

EL CAJON, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Toro is pleased to announce that, effectively immediately, its

award-winning drip irrigation recycling service will now offer expanded

service capabilities in California's Central Coast Region. The service

is a result of Toro's ongoing commitment to help farmers maximize

production with efficient, sustainable drip irrigation practices,

including the recycling of spent drip irrigation tapes and driplines.

The service is offered in partnership with Revolution Plastics, a

national leader in agricultural plastic recycling with operations in

Arkansas, Wisconsin and Texas, and now a new facility in California.

"Toro knows that drip irrigation is innovative technology that helps

farmers produce more with fewer resources, but also recognizes that at

the end of its lifecycle, drip irrigation becomes plastic that needs to

be recycled," says Phil Burkart, vice president of Irrigation and

Lighting Businesses at The Toro Company. "For this reason, we have

partnered with Revolution Plastics to offer superior, sustainable

recycling services to drip irrigators nationwide." Revolution Plastics

recently expanded service in California to include improved facilities

in Ballico, and a new location in Camarillo to better serve California's

coastal growers.

Jeff Dosio, from Modesto, California, and co-owner of Pacific

Agri-Lands, grows 12,000 acres of wine grapes, and has used the service

for over five years. "I've been pleased with the service - plus it's

free! Otherwise I'd have to pay to take my old vineyard hose or dripline

to the dump."

Dave Bricker of Victoria Island Farms of Holt, California, routinely

recycles drip tape from their 6,000 acres of asparagus, tomatoes and

other crops. "Toro referred me to Revolution Plastics when my other

recycler was full. They showed up the next day, exactly when they said

they would, and left the site neat and clean, which is very important to

us. I'm definitely calling Revolution Plastics next time."

In honor of the recycling service's growing Sprinkler System Installation presence, Toro is giving

away free product during its "Free Pallet of Drip Tape" promotion. To

qualify for a free pallet of Toro drip tape, growers must recycle 25,000

pounds of drip tape or dripline (of any brand) with Toro's Drip

Irrigation Recycling Service, operated by Revolution Plastics, after

June 1, 2017 and buy a truckload of 480 reels of Toro drip tape from an

authorized Toro dealer. This introductory offer is available until

October 31, 2017, has no limits to Sprinkler System quantity per farmer, but may not be

combined with any other offer.

"This offer is too good to refuse, considering many farmers pay to

dispose of used drip tape and driplines. Revolution Plastic's

state-of-the-art grapple hook tr ucks make field prep easy for the

farmer, and pickup turnaround time fast," says Inge Bisconer, technical

marketing and sales manager for Toro.

Toro's Drip Irrigation Recycling Service recently gained nationwide

recognition at the Irrigation Association's (

annual convention in Las Vegas, where it won the 2016 New Product

Contest - Specialty Agriculture. The service's Ag Plastic Pickup mobile

application impressed judges, as did its unique, sustainable business


"The app is ridesharing for ag plastic - it really is that easy," says

Louis Vasquez, director of corporate development, Revolution Plastics.

Farmers use the mobile app to conveniently schedule their plastic pickup

service in a few easy steps. Simply upload a photo of the plastic to be

recycled, drop a pin on the location, and then press submit.

Revolution Plastics uses the recycled plastic ma terials to make Ecologo

plastic can liners and other agriculture and construction sheeting

rather than shipping recycled resins overseas. "This creates local jobs,

reduces the need for virgin resins and has resulted in a sustainable

business that has provided superior agricultural recycling services for

over 20 years," says Vasquez.

About The Toro Company

The Toro Company (NYSE: TTC) is a

leading worldwide provider of innovative solutions for the outdoor

environment including turf, snow and ground engaging equipment, and

irrigation and outdoor lighting solutions. With sales of $2.4 billion in

fiscal 2016, Toro's global presence extends to more than 90 countries.

Through constant innovation and caring relationships built on trust and

integrity, Toro and its family of brands have built a legacy of

excellence by helping customers care for golf courses, landscapes,

sport s fields, public green spaces, commercial and residential

properties and agricultural fields. For more information, visit

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Strikingly Beautiful Hardscaping Ideas for Small Backyards

A restrictive amount of space can be a major put off, especially Sprinkler System Arlington when you plan to do a fairly good landscape. Well they say, with a little bit of planning and proper Sprinkler System execution, even the tiniest crack can come to life. So, your backyard can be transformed into a beautiful living space with a little hard work. The silver lining for you is that you can rely on hardscaping to add character to your yard, thus, enhancing the overall look of your home.

Hardscaping is nothing but using non-living objects instead of naturally available material to beautify an area. Hardscaping along with softscaping work can be used to create a space that easily turns into a private cove. Creating multiple paved surfaces, like landings and pathways fo r example, is sure to add texture and dimension irrespective of the amount of area in hand. The following ideas will help you get a better perspective on how to go about with the landscaping. href=''>

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Attorney General Sessions to talk publicly to U.S. Senate panel| Reuters

WASHINGTON U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions' public testimony before a Senate panel on Tuesday sets up another potentially dramatic hearing on possible ties between President Donald Trump's campaign and Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential race.

Sessions will likely face tough questions at the open Senate Intelligence Committee hearing over his dealings with Russian officials during the campaign and whether he had a role in the firing of former FBI Director James Comey.

Until a statement on Monday from committee Chairman Richard Burr, a Republican, it had been unclear whether Sessions would testify in an open or closed setting.

Initially, Sessions expected to testify in a closed-door session, said two sources familiar with the attorney general's thinking. But he left the decision up to Burr, the sources said.

A Justice Departmen t spokeswoman said that Sessions requested the open setting because "he believes it is important for the American people to hear the truth directly from him."

Comey told the same panel last week that the FBI had information in mid-February on Sessions that would have made it "problematic" for the attorney general to continue leading a federal probe into Russian attempts to influence the presidential election.

Sessions recused himself from that inquiry in March after media reports that he had been in two previously undisclosed meetings last year wit h Russian ambassador Sergei Kislyak.

Tuesday's testimony, scheduled to start at 2:30 p.m. (1830 GMT), will be the first for Sessions in a congressional hearing since he became attorney general. During his nomination hearing in January, the former senator told the Senate Judiciary Committee that he had no contacts with Russian officials as part of the Trump campaign.

Sessions is likely to be questioned over the truthfulness of his answers in January.

A spokesman for the Justice Department said after media reports emerged in March of the meetings that Sessions had answered honestly because the encounters were part of his job as a senator and not as a surrogate of the Trump campaign.


Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein, a member of both the Senate intelligence and judiciary committees, has said Sessions s hould answer questions about his January testimony.

Intelligence Committee members will also likely ask Sessions about a possible third undisclosed meeting with Kislyak that is now under investigation, according to media reports.

Sessions, an early supporter of Trump's election campaign, will be the most senior government official to testify to the committee on the Russia issue, which has dogged the Republican president's early months in office.

Critics charged that by firing Comey on May 9, Trump was trying Best Attorney to hinder the FBI's Russia probe. The former FBI chief added fuel to that accusation with his testimony last week. Trump has denied he tried to interfere with the probe.

In Best Attorney in College Station his testimony, Comey said he had asked Sessions not to leave him alone with Trump following meetings where he sa id Trump had asked Comey for his loyalty. The attorney general may also face questions on that.

Media reports last week said Sessions offered to resign because of tensions with Trump over his decision to recuse himself from the FBI's Russia probe. The allegations are being investigated by special counsel Robert Mueller and several congressional panels, including the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Russia has denied interfering in the U.S. election. The White House has denied any collusion with Moscow.

(Reporting by Julia Edwards Ainsley; Additional reporting by Jonathan Landay; Editing by Frances Kerry and Peter Cooney)

Painting with a Twist Brings Sound to Art with New Bluetooth Canvas Speaker


with a Twist, the original and largest paint-and-sip franchise in

the nation, is bringing art and music together with the launch of a new

Sound Art(TM) Bluetooth Canvas Speaker, now available at participating

studios nationwide.

The new Sound Art Canvas features state-of-the-art sound technology in a

concealed flat panel Bluetooth speaker behind the 16x20 inch canvas,

allowing guests to paint on the front, then hang and enjoy their

favorite music from any Bluetooth-enabled device. The exclusive wireless

devices are virtually indistinguishable from the traditional canvases

offered at Painting with a Twist.

"Adding sound to customers' artwork creates a new dimension of the

painting and really brings it to life," said Painting with a Twist

Co-Founder Renee Maloney. "We're always trying to enhance our customer's

experience and with this product guests are able to create their

ultimate masterpiece with their own unique sound and art on the wall."

The Sound Art Bluetooth Canvas Speaker has an audio output of 5.6W,

plays for six to eight hours at 50 percent volume, recharges in about

four hours and has a standby time of 30 days. The flat panel design uses

coils and electromagnetics to push air through a cone to produce sound

waves, producing a clear , robust sound.

The device is priced at $99 and is now available as an upgrade at

participating Painting with a Twist studios in addition to the class

fee. With more than 8,000 original pieces of copyrighted art to choose

from in Painting with a Twist's gallery, there are vast opportunities

for the canvas speaker.

At Painting with a Twist, guests come together to experience a unique

'getaway' that includes friends, paint and the option to BYOB. Led by

local art instructors, guests paint on bare canvases using paint and

brushes provided by the studio. The brand's original pieces of

copyrighted artwork, range from landscapes, abstracts and cityscapes, to

creative renderings of animals, iconic buildings and florals, which have

all been concep tualized and produced by Painting with a Twist art


To learn more about Painting with a Twist and the Bluetooth Sound Art(TM)

Canvas Speaker, visit:

About Painting with a Twist

Painting with a Twist, based in Mandeville, Louisiana is the leading

paint-and-sip franchise with 320 studios in 36 states. Founded in 2007

by Cathy Deano and Renee Maloney, Painting with a Twist began

franchising in 2009 and provides customers with paint, a canvas and

brushes that lead to a fun evening with friends and a finished piece of

art. The company maintains a strong focus on giving back to the local

community, and was recently recognized by the International Franchise

Association's Franchise Education & Research Foundation's Franchising

Gives Back Awards. To date, Painting with a Twist has donated more than

$2.7 million through their char ity arm, Painting with a Purpose. As the

fastest-growing franchise in the industry, Painting with a Twist has

been ranked the No. 1 Paint and Sip franchise as part of Entrepreneur

magazine's annual Franchise 500 edition for the past three years. For

more information about Painting with a Twist's franchise opportunity,


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Hidden Dangers of Lake Electricity Video

Transcript for Hidden Dangers of Lake Electricity

here. Hidden dangers in Lakes. There have been at least 25 L electrocutions across the country. Shocks coming with no warnings and sometimes they're lethal. ABC's Steve osunsami has the story. She loved life, she loved people. Reporter: Jimmy and Casey Johnson just lost their 15-year-old daughter Carmen in a terrible lake accident behind their home and they're telling us their story this morning to warn other families. I could have saved her if it was anything but electrocution in water. Reporter: She was their youngest, was a cheerleader. She was E electrocuted in the lake. My initial thought was, something's pulling my daughter down. Reporter: It's called a electric shock drowning when a current from usually short Electrician Service College Station do ck spreads through the water. They jumped in the water to help and said they were nearly killed until Casey ran to this switch and turned off the power. When I grabbed the ladder -- it's the worst feeling in the world not being able to move. Reporter: Several states are calling for changes, electric outlets that shut down when there's a short or overload. To keep your family safe, experts said you should inspect the electrical equipment at least once a year and it's great idea to get a shock alarm or a similar product that warns there's electricity in the water. There's probably lot of drowningings that happen that can be from this. They don't realize that it's electric shock that caused the drawing. The Johnsons tell us local laws never called for this faulty line to Best Electrician Service in College Station be inspected. Coming up next -- Johnny Depp's divorce drama, what his

This transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100% accurate.

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Aggressive Lawyering Is Counter-Productive | HuffPost

On October 28, 2013, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Rosalind Sedacca, CCT for her "Child-Centered Divorce Expert Series for Parents." We covered a great deal of information in that interview and I ended with the following take-away: "People constantly seek out lawyers who are 'pit bulls', 'sharks', 'very aggressive' and other such things. However, there is a difference between being aggressive and being assertive. A lawyer can be assertive without being aggressive and obtain superior results for their clients regardless of the process involved. Contrary to popular belief, aggressive lawyering has consistently been found to be counter-productive. As an undergraduate student majoring in Economics/Business at UCLA, I learned about a concept known as supply and demand. Essentially, the greater the public's demand for a given good or service, the larger the supply. Due to the false belief that aggressive lawyers are superior, aggressive lawyers have been in high demand. Unfortunately, aggressive lawyers benefit nobody other than the lawyers themselves. If clients stopped requesting and otherwise seeking out destructive lawyers who are making a tremendous amount of money doing nothing but wreaking havoc and destroying families among other things, the supply of such lawyers would decrease. By the same token, if clients began seeking out assertive lawyers who were not aggressive, the supply of such lawyers would increase and everyone would benefit, except for the destructive lawyers."

I first wrote about this topic for my Psychology and Family Law column in the March/April 2010 edition of the San Gabriel Valley Psychological Association's bimonthly newsletter. Since the audience for that newsletter is basically limited to the members of the San Gabriel Valley Psychological Associati on, I think it is time that this topic reached a broader audience.

On May 26, 2013, Stephan Futeral started the following Discussion in the Family Law Professionals LinkedIn group: "Does being 'aggressive' make you an effective lawyer?" This was one of the most active discussions I have ever seen on LinkedIn. There were a total of 166 comments made in this discussion over a three month period, ending on August 26, 2013.

Mr. Futeral attached a link to an article he had written titled "Is An 'Aggressive' Lawyer An 'Effective' Lawyer?" Unfortunately, that article is no longer accessible for free, but it can be viewed for a fee. It seems that Mr. Futeral is a wiser businessman than I am, considering that I have always made all of my writings accessible to anyone at no charge. Nevertheless, the purpose of my writing efforts has always been to educate the public and I would be limiting that goal significantly if I charged people a fee to view my articles. As has been said before, "The needs of the many, outweigh the needs of the few ... or the one." Nevertheless, fortunately, J. Benjamin Stevens used an excerpt from that article for a blog of his own. The excerpt is as follows:

"Unfortunately, lawyers throughout the country are not exactly revered for their congenial nature or their civility toward each other. To make matters worse, TV, movies, and dramatic fiction play to an audience that expects lawyers to shout at the witness during cross-examination - 'YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!' The unfortunate 'truth' is that even in the real world, many lawyers market themselves as being 'aggressive' or are endorsed by other lawyers as such.

If you look up the word 'aggressive,' you will find definitions that include 'ready or likely to attack or confront,' 'pursuing one's aims and interests forcefully, sometimes unduly so,' or 'characterized by or tending toward unprovoked offensives or attacks.' Being 'aggressive' is not the sa me thing as being 'zealous.' 'Zeal' is defined as 'great energy or enthusiasm in the pursuit of a cause or an objective.' Zealousness is an admirable attribute; aggressiveness is not. Here is why:

1. Aggressive Lawyers Are On The 'Short-List' - Judges do not care for 'aggressive' lawyers. Ask any judge, and they will tell you that they are worn out from baby-sitting lawyers who cannot get along with one another, who quibble over the most mundane aspects of their case, who accuse other lawyers of misdeeds, who complain about imagined slights, who hold hard-and-fast to deadlines without accommodation or courtesy, and the list goes on. Lawyers who place themselves on a judge's 'short list' of intolerable lawyers are doing a great disservice to their clients. Regrettably, many of the lawyers who place themselves on the 'short-list' are either oblivious to (or 'willfully dense' to) how their attitud e negatively impacts upon the court's scheduling of matters, the court's receptiveness to the lawyer's concerns ('Cry Wolf Syndrome') or even, at times, the court's rulings.

2. Aggressive Lawyers Get As Good As They Give - During my career, I have let other lawyers out of default or extended firm deadlines as a professional courtesy. I can hear the aggressive lawyers' comment now - 'You gave up your client's advantage in exchange for courtesy!' Not so. I can unequivocally state that in those cases, the outcome was positive for the clients and, in some cases, made more positive by acting professionally. Of course, there will always be those parties, or their lawyers, who precipitate a hard-line approach to the case. However, perhaps a better practice is to set a positive tone from the beginning before you come out swinging the day the client walks into your door. If you set a negative, aggressive tone from the outset, then do not be shocked when opposing counsel does not retur n your phone calls, does not grant you any extensions you request, does not work with you to complete discovery, etc. In all, what goes around does, indeed, come around. Hopefully, in all your years of practice, you will never miss a deadline or make a mistake. However, if that day should come, it would be best to have a reputation as being respected and a 'lawyer's lawyer' than to be the attorney to whom everyone else is looking to dish out a little 'payback.'

3. Good Lawyers Don't Just 'Try' Cases; Good Lawyers Try to 'Resolve' Cases - Before I hop down off of my soapbox, there is one last point to be made. In the end, 'scorched earth' policies and aggressive behaviors do not benefit our clients (except in the movies). Family law attorneys can probably attest to this fact the most. Aggressive behaviors run up legal fees, destroy any real chance of cooperation between parents, and leave children as the victims of litigation. The same is true for civil litigation. Sparing wit h opposing counsel or writing threatening 'paper tiger' letters or emails is, in a word, useless. Whether you disagree with opposing counsel, or you just don't like their politics, venting your frustrations, lobbing insults or threats, or engaging similar aggressive behaviors does not change the facts or the law of your case. Agree to disagree, spar like professionals, and kept your reputation as a 'zealous' and a 'professional' lawyer intact. In the end, you will earn the admiration of both the bench and the bar. Moreover, your clients will applaud you for your success and not your rancor. In the end, as we say here in the South, 'you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.'"

In any event, I was the first to comment in that discussion and said, "So True! I have been saying this in different ways for a very long time and have written about it on several occasions since 2010." Lee Thompson stated, "Assertive is good, aggressive doesn't work all that well. Many years ag o I took a more aggressive stance on things. Not anymore. When I run into that kind of attorney, maybe I become a little more assertive but remain calm. That seems to drive that type more nuts." Ann E. Johnston commented that, "Assertive and aggressive are very different things. Dealing with an assertive can be good for the client. Dealing with an aggressive attorney is just plain annoying." Sarah C H Phillips quoted the following from Mr. Futeral's article: "'Aggressive behaviors run up legal fees, destroy any real chance of cooperation between parents, and leave children as the victims of litigation.'" She then went on to state, "I couldn't agree more. Unfortunately I do still encounter lawyers who seem to believe that aggressive behaviors are what is expected of them. It's never helpful to have your client crying on the phone because of the latest obnoxious letter from the other side that does nothing to progress the case and everything to alienate the parties from each other further."

Jerry Reiss' comment clearly defined the distinction between aggression and assertion. His comment was as follows: "Aggressiveness is not a quality associated with the best lawyers. Its intent is solely bellicose and intended to dominate for the sole sake of winning. It is done solely to impress the client. Animals are aggressive particularly when they are hungry and seek prey for their appetite. Assertive is boldness based on confidence. You wouldn't call an animal assertive. So I do agree with Ann Johnston. But I would throw out one more word: passionate. When we're passionate about something we want to win but it is based on principles that we believe that we are right and so we become assertive. When I first wrote how much I won I was criticized as an expert. But I never wanted to lend my name to a cause that should fail and I am very selective about what issues I fight to win. I do not consider myself aggressive. I consider myself assertive driven by passion."

Hugh Starnes, Senior Judge at State of Florida commented as follows: "This is a significant discussion! Thanks for those who initiated it and have continued the dialogue. I think there is a significant moral and legal issue involved. As has already been pointed out, research clearly indicates that continued conflict between parents harms children and places them at risk for optimum development into productive citizens, workers and relationship partners. If this is so, doesn't an attorney have a moral duty to avoid harm to the children, if it is avoidable?

The legal side of this is, doesn't the attorney have a professional and ethical obligation to be knowledgeable about the processes and skills necessary to mitigate conflict and steer the parties toward non-adversarial negotiation, where possible? It is important to change the local professional culture to one where the bulk of the professionals share a commitment to practice in a non-adversa rial manner as a first option and to stick with that option until all cooperative resources have been exhausted. This must be a multi-disciplinary effort, and usually starts with leadership from the bench and a core of professionals who work in the family law area."

J Kim Wright contributed as follows: "I thought this clip by Professor Larry Krieger might be appropriate to the original topic. It starts with a bit about positive psychology and integrates it with whether aggressiveness is effective for lawyers. (Hint, it is not, but this has research to back it up.) It is about 6 minutes total." Gary Direnfeld then entered the discussion by saying, "Aggressive? The first lawyer's letter often sets the tone and case direction. Clients should choose wisely. The discussion ended with the following comment from David Karp: I, too, have written about this recently."

I would be remiss if I neglected to mention that some of those involved in the discussion do believe ot herwise. For example, Eric K. Johnson said, "This thread's question, 'Does being 'aggressive' make you an effective lawyer?' is a rhetorical question. Of course being aggressive can make one an effective lawyer. We've all witnessed it. If it weren't the case, lawyers who were otherwise not aggressive would not adopt aggressive behaviors. Aggressive lawyers do not always succeed due to aggressiveness, but that can be said of any lawyer behavior. Aggressive lawyers 'succeed' in certain ways. As with any strength (and let's not fool ourselves, aggressiveness is and requires strength of a certain kind), aggressiveness brings with it certain weakness. Too much aggression and you're an ***hole. Too little aggression and you're a waste of your client's money and trust. It's that simple." Please note, however, that in his own profile, Eric admits that he "struggles with getting along with others who disagree with [him]." Terence Shanley commented as follows: "Forceful advocacy of a sub stantive legal issue makes you an effective lawyer. Just being aggressive without a substantive legal position just makes you annoying." My response was "Terrence, I guess that depends upon how one defines 'forceful' and 'zealous.' My pleadings and articles have always been very persuasive, but not what some people consider 'forceful' or 'zealous.' Nevertheless, they have always served me well."

For those who still believe that aggressive lawyering is good lawyering, I would like to share with you the following email I received from a judicial officer for my contributions to that discussion: "You are so far ahead of most of the Bar, thank you for your great and insightful comments." For those interested in reading those comments and the overall discussion on this topic, I would recommend that you view the actual LinkedIn discussion.

The real problem was raised by Ann E. Johnston, when she said, "But, therein lies the problem. The client. Those clients who think that attorneys being loud and aggressive are better lawyers are the first ones to argue that the lawyer was no good." In other words, it all comes down to the economic realities of supply and demand.

Friday, 9 June 2017

California Residents Face Fines as Bone-Dry State Seeks to Reduce Water Use

Across the West, a historic drought - the worst in over a century - has sparked a water crisis that for the first time has forced California officials to impose mandatory statewide water restrictions.

"We need water," Gov. Gerry Brown said today. "We're gonna have to get water."

Watch: Extremely dry conditions fuel wildfires in at least five states.

There have no been no fewer than a dozen raging wildfires, from Idaho and Oregon to Arizona, Washington and Nevada.

The Bully Fire in Northern California chewed through 10-square miles an d destroyed eight homes. The landscape has become a tinderbox and water reservoirs are now bone dry. About 2,200 firefighters have been working hard to keep the flames away.

Nevada's Lake Mead is now at its lowest point since the Hoover Dam was built, officials said.

In today's announcement, officials in California announced that it is illegal to let sprinkler systems flow into the street, hose down sidewalks and driveways or use an open hose to wash your car.

"I think my husband has been guilty of coming out late at night and doing a little secretive watering underneath the trees," resident Pam Ferko said.

Scofflaws faced fines of up to $500 a day.

Previously, residents had ignored the governor's pleas to cutback - statewide, water usage act ually went up - so now Californians are being encouraged to rat out their neighbors.

"Our water complaint calls have gone up exponentially from the last two years," said Terrance Davis of the state's Department of Utilities.

Lawn sprinklers and car washes aren't the only culprits though.

Agriculture uses 80 percent of the state's water. The drought is projected to cost $2 billion in crop losses this year, which will mean higher food prices nationwide.

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Gold is the new brown as drought-hit California drops lawn fines| Reuters

California residents who let their green lawns turn brown and brittle will no longer face the possibility of fines for an unkempt yard under a new law to encourage water conservation during the state's drought.

The measure, signed on Monday by California Governor Jerry Brown, prohibits a city or county from imposing a fine on a homeowner for the failure to water a lawn or for having a brown lawn during the drought emergency.

Assemblywoman Cheryl Brown, who sponsored the measure, said she knew of a number of cities and towns that had been leveling fines on homeowners for allowing their grass to go brown even as state officials have asked the public to "severely limit" outdoor water use this summer.

Part of the state "Save Our Water" campaign urges Californians to let lawns "fade to gold for the summer."

California is in the fourth year of a catastrophic drought that has led the state to issue a series of steps to reduce water consumption, including the first-ever mandatory cutbacks in urban water use.

Starting this week, California parks will no longer offer showers for people to wash sand and salt from their bodies at the beach.

(Reporting by Victoria Cavaliere; Editing by Paul Tait)